About us

Production of natural stone by LLC «AMG»:

  • Natural stone, sale of natural stone products, natural granite and marble in facing tiles ( granite tiles , marble tiles), granite countertops, marble countertops, granite window sills and marble window sills, granite stairs, granite steps and granite risers, granite ditches, granite pedestals , mosaics made of granite and marble, granite limiters of entry, granite pedestals, other complex architectural forms of granite and marble.
  • Granite curb (curb, side stone).
  • Paving slabs, paving stones granite and granite slabs (granite tiles), granite blocks.
  • Marble aggregate (Purpose: mosaic floors, as well as for decorative purposes, landscape., For the production of various kinds of products)

Marble- mosaic slab (marble tiles and other various construction and decorative products made of marble) for the floor arrangements in industrial and public premises.

We offer marble and granite of such countries of producers as Russia, Ukraine, China, India, Europe countries and Brasilia.

Stone processing is made only by experienced craftsmen on the newest high-tech equipment, due to which we are ready to embody in the stone any your imagination and satisfy the most sophisticated taste.



"Nomenclature of products subject to mandatory declaration" (mandatory certification) was approved by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 1, 2009 N 982.

This document represents a list of products ordered by the all-Russian classifier OK 005-93, and a list of relevant normative documents. Products made of natural stone are not included in the "Nomenclature of products subject to mandatory declaration" and, therefore, for products made of natural stone, registration of the so-called declaration of conformity is not required. For this product group, there is no mandatory certification in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The introduction of the Nomenclature was aimed at reducing the redundancy of mandatory certification on the eve of the entry into force of the Customs Union between the Russian Federation, the Kazakh Republic and the Republic of Belarus. The next step in this direction was the abolition of hygienic or sanitary-epidemiological certification.

From July 1, 2010, these documents are no longer issued. Now this type of mandatory certification also does not exist.