The company "AMG" offers several services:


Repair and construction services.


  • External cladding. The stone is in the most difficult operating conditions, so when choosing the determining requirement is its durability and quality of processing. Climatic conditions are taken into account, so that caverns and cracks do not form.
  • Interior decoration. Granite and marble are used mainly for finishing floors, walls, for manufacturing bar counters, countertops, window sills and much more. Stacking with granite tiles is the best price in St. Petersburg.
  • Paving. The cost of work includes: excavation, layout and sealing of the bottom, laying of the geopote, foundation device, consumables (sand, gravel, cement, etc.), transportation costs, paving. See the link for information.
  • Mosaic floor installation. We do mosaic flooring - see the information on this link.
Name of the service Cost of the service. Rub / m2 Notes
1. External cladding. from 1900 

Cost depends on:

  • complexity of work
  • amount of used material
  • terms
  • forms of payment

2. Internal decoration. from 1500 
3. Paving. from 2250

Mosaic floor installation.

from 1500

*The company has the right to change prices without further notice.

Компания имеет право изменять цены без дополнительного уведомления.  

Architectural (Design) services.

Architectural and design solutions using natural stone in interiors, exteriors, landscapes. All works are executed by qualified architects and designers. Optimum selection of granite, marble, selection, manufacturing of products from natural stone of small architecture: countertops, balusters,, cornices, arches, columns, etc. (see products)


Transport services.

A shipment of products could be carried out:

  • Self-transportation from the company's stock
  • Direct delivery to the client address
Cargo weight Price in rubles * Note
1 up to 2 tons from 2800 "Gazelle"
2 up to 5 tons from 5000 Flatbed truck
3 up to 5 tons from 6500 Flatbed truck with manipulator
4 up to 10 tons from 6000 Flatbed truck
5 up to 20 tons from 7000 Flatbed truck
6 up to 12 tons from 7000 On-board with the manipulator
7 up to 13 tons from 5000 Tipper

*The company has the right to change prices without further notice.

Granite processing services.

Prices for calculations are presented in the tables on the page, which you will find by clicking this link.