Granite catalog

Nowadays, granite has become one of the most popular materials for exterior and interior decoration of buildings. There are many varieties of this stone, which may differ both in color and physical, chemical properties. In our catalog you will find truly unique samples of this stone. In this case, the prices for granite may differ depending on the complexity of the products and the variety of the stone itself.

Our range of granite:

Granite from Russia and Ukraine

"Ala-Noskua" Russia

"Vinga", Russia

"Vasilievsky" ("Ukrain Autumn") Ukraine

"Vozrozhdenie" , Russia "Vozrozhdenie Forel" , Russia "Gabbro" Russia And/Or Ukraine

"Gabbro Labradorit" , Russia Or Ukraine

"Pomegranate Amphibolite", Russia

"Dymosky" ("Балтийское", "Елизовский") , Russia

"Emelianovsky", Ukraine


("Капал - Арасан") , Казахстан


"Isetski", Russia

"Kamennogorsky", Russia

"Kambulatovsky", Ural, Russia

"Kapustinsky"("Rosso Santiago")Ukraine

"Kashina Gora" (" Гора Токимовка" ) Russia



"Kypetsky" Russia


( "Кордай" ), Казахстан

"Kurtinsky" Казахстан


( Гранит Кузнечное ) ЛО,РФ

"Leznikovsky" (Marble Red), Ukraine



"Mansurovsky" Ural, Russia "Maslavsky", Ukraine "Mezhirichsky" ("Flower Of Ukrain") ,"Coral Mist", Ukraine
"Pokostovsky" ("Grey Ukraine") Ukraine "Sopka Buntina" ("Зеленый Луч") Russia "Sultaevsky" ("Yuzhno-Sultaevsky, "Западно-Султаевский") Ural, Russia


Granite from Finland

"Amadeus" "Aurora" "Balmoral Red"
"Baltiс Brown" "Baltiс Green" "Carmen Red"
"Eagle Red" "Forest Green" "Kuru Gray"
"Lieto Red" "PG Black" "Rosso Marino"


Granite from Asia, Europe and America

"Absolute Black" India "Battefly Green" China "Bejne Bruk Brown" China
"Bella White" China "Black Galaxy" India "Black Pearl" India
"Blue Perl" "China Green" China "China Batterfly Green" ("Ubatuba") China
"Cindy Green" China "Imperial Red" India "Kashmir Gold" India
"Kashmir White" India "Livadiya" ("Almond Mauve") China "Marry Gold" India
"Maple Red Extra" China "Multicolor Red ("Red Multi")" India "Padang Dark" China
"Royal White" China "Ruby Red" India "Sezam Black" China
"Sunset Gold" China "Tan Brown" India "Tiger Skin Yellow" China