Travertine catalog

Common products from travertine:

  1. Travertine tiles
  2. Paving stone from travertine
  3. Travertine Antique
  4. Travertine table top

Prices for travertine products range from $ 30 / m2.

Travertine is a solid semi-crystalline stone formed from calcium-carbonate.

Natural stone travertine has a beautiful structure. The color of travertine is varied due to the different contents of iron and other minerals in it. Travertine in interiors, in particular travertine on the walls, causes a sense of peace. 

Our range of travertine:

Travertine "Classic" - cross-section

Travertine "Classic" - longitudinal section

Travertine "Light Nut" - cross-section

Travertine "Light Nut" - longitudinal section

Travertine "Dark walnut" - cross-section

Travertine "Dark walnut" - longitudinal section